World's largest solar-powered boat sails Florida coast to rally against Amendment 1


  • Photo via Archemedes Project
Archimedes, the world's largest solar-powered concrete boat, is making its way through Florida in a statewide tour to rally against Amendment 1.

Amendment 1, which has been bankrolled by utility companies, would cement Florida's existing laws on solar energy into the constitution. The amendment's many critics say utility companies are trying to protect their energy monopolies and limit future solar options. 

The 50-foot boat will be going on this multi-week voyage to South Florida using the Intracoastal Highway docking in several public areas spreading information on why voters should vote no. 

Most recently, the boat was docked at Metropolitan Park in Jacksonville on Oct. 11 where boat owner Carter Quillen held a news conference about the rally. 

Archimedes will be docked in Lee Wenner Park in Cocoa Beach on Monday and Melbourne on Tuesday.

Quillen is a mechanical contractor, solar contractor and energy auditor who partnered with ReThink Energy Florida to promote renewable energy and inform Floridians on solar energy. 

Ninety-five percent of the boat's energy is powered by 20 large solar panels that also act as a canopy. The solar panels collect 5,000 watts of electricity to run multiple household appliances and the engine combined with electricity from the battery.