After months on the lam, missing Florida house cat found in Kansas


  • Photo via Fernando Salazar from The Wichita Eagle
A 10-year-old Florida house cat that escaped while on a family trip in Kansas back in June, is finally returning back home.

Ninja, a feline belonging to Renee and Brett Farmer of Sarasota, Florida, was lost in Wichita, Kansas, while they stopped at a hotel during trip to Colorado, reports The Wichita Eagle.

“Once she slipped out, we couldn’t find her,” said his wife, Renee Farmer to the Eagle. “She’d had enough of the drive and escaped from her cage. We couldn’t find her and stayed as long as we could, driving around."

The family had no luck finding Ninja, but kept in touch with nearby shelters.

Luckily, frequent downtown Wichita cat feeder Kelly Schuhs recognized a new face in July and determined the cat didn't belong with the junkyard posse. Last weekend, Friends of Felines (which Schuhs is a part of) captured 40 cats and found a microchip with the Farmers' phone number.

Ninja was covered in fleas and had a neck wound which was immediately treated. Given a clean health bill on Wednesday, Oct. 26, the cat returned to its Florida family Sunday.