Break(fast)ing: Chorizo is now America's trendiest sausage


  • Image courtesy Einstein Bros. Bagels
Last month, we reported that Chipotle would start offering chorizo as its newest protein option (it's really good, BTW).

That was just one of the items in a flood of chorizo-based foods currently flooding the carnivore marketplace, starting with Starbucks' spicy chorizo, egg and pepper-jack breakfast sandwich.

In August, Einstein Bros. also released the Chorizo Sunrise breakfast sandwich, which include not only the requisite egg and cheese but also adds guacamole. On a jalapeƱo bagel, we're all over it. Even Wawa has added a chorizo, egg and cheese sandwich to their (surprisingly legit) Sizzli line.

We've also spied chorizo in breakfast specials around town, namely at Christo's Cafe, which has served the sausage in both omelets and as links, Peach Valley Cafe and Shaker's.

Here's our hunch as to why chorizo is having a moment: It's massively flavorful. Literally all of the rest of the ingredients can be bland and boring, but if you add chorizo, your tastebuds are going to be firing on all cylinders. It's an easy way to make eggs and cheese sing the Hallelujah chorus without much effort.

Honestly, we're glad restaurants are figuring this out. No one ever complained that their breakfast burrito was packed with "too much" spicy, Mexican mystery meat. Ever.