Disney will add a Trumpbot to the animatronic Hall of Presidents ... probably, eventually


  • photo via Disney World
With the announcement of a new president comes the addition of a new animatronic resident of Disney's Hall of Presidents.

The Magic Kingdom attraction, open since 1971, features a moving, "speaking" replica of every American president from Washington through Obama.

Disney has not made an official statement about when or whether an animaTrumpican will be added to the show. They did just announce, "The Hall of Presidents will be closed for refurbishment from Jan. 17 through June 29, 2017. Please check back later for updates."

That six-month window will leave Disney Imagineers time to not only update the space but also build themselves an electronic Trump golem. It will also give them time to find a new actor to re-record the narration, should Morgan Freeman decide for some reason he no longer wishes to be associated with the attraction.