'Never Not Lurking' returns to Spacebar to showcase the best in cell phone photography


  • Michael Altz
The fifth installation of Never Not Lurking sets up shop in Orlando's Milk District Friday night. Debuting in 2011, Mike Altz's annual showcase for phone-specific digital photography centers on "the exploration of life under the constant focus of the camera," something we are all familiar with by now, whether we seek or avoid the spotlight. This year, Spacebar plays part-host, part-darkroom to work from more than 20 local pho(ne)tographers, including Billy Dill, Andrew Spear and Jahfre Colbert; Ken Sherry and DJ Spank provide the evening's soundtrack. Come take a picture with your phone of a picture taken with a phone, creating an infinite art loop. All phones are welcome.

7 p.m. Friday, Nov. 11 | Spacebar, 2428 E. Robinson St. | 407-228-0804 | nevernotlurking.com | free