Someone left racist graffiti referring to Trump at Oviedo High School


  • Photo by Gage Skidmore via Flickr
We've spent a grand total of three days in a post-election world, and already there have been numerous reports of racist and sexist bullying in schools across the country in the aftermath of win by Donald Trump.

The Orlando Sentinel reports someone recently scrawled a racist message on a bathroom wall at Oviedo High School that says "Yall Black ppl better start picking yall slave numbers - KKK 4 lyfe," with a heart next to KKK. The next line of the message says, "Go Trump 2016."

Michael Lawrence, spokesman for the Seminole County school district, tells the Sentinel the message was quickly washed off by school administration, and they have not caught the person who wrote it.

A photo of the message, which you can see here, went viral after being shared by Shaun King, a writer for the New York Daily News and activist with the Black Lives Matter movement.

In Jacksonville, an investigation is underway after someone hung a "colored" sign and "whites only" sign above two water fountains at First Coast High School, according to WJAX/WFOX.