Upset about the election? Apparently there's a 'party bus' headed to Canada from Magic Kingdom


  • Photo via Facebook
While news of Donald Trump's election hits young people and minorities in waves, some have taken matters into their own hands and planned an escape route to our neighbors in the North.

A Facebook event called "PARTY Bus To Canada" has amassed 3,500 interested people and over 800 attendees and is tentatively set to depart from Disney's Magic Kingdom on the morning of January 20, Inauguration Day. 

Though it's probably not going to actually happen, user Karm Baez's event description is a simple and definitive "We out to Canada!...Winter is Coming. BYOB."

While it is common for many across the country to threaten exile if their candidate doesn't clinch the presidency, the comments in the event's discussion page reveal specific fears about President-elect Donald Trump.

"If someone could offer me and people like me safe passage when things got out of hand, there would be no shame in any of us leaving," user Kris Orange commented.

"If y'all don't chill, they're gonna build a wall too!" commented Atique Alam, most likely echoing Trump's central proposal of building a wall along the Mexican border.

According to a study from the Pew Research Center, more Mexicans are actually leaving the U.S., than coming. If any would like a trip to Canada, this might be your ticket out.