Anyone want to buy this Orlando Wawa for a mere $4.5 million?


  • Photo via LoopNet
Imagine waking up every morning with the knowledge that you are the purveyor of reasonably priced gas, free WiFi, and those little spicy chicken poppers by the counter. Sound good? Then buy this this brand-spanking new Wawa.

As first spotted by The Daily City, this corporate-owned Wawa, which officially opened on Nov. 2, is going for a cool $4,555,555 and is located on Curry Ford Rd and Young Pine Rd.

Not to be a huge Wawa fanboy here, but if you have yet to experience the magic of a Wawa, you're really missing out. They're about a hundred times better than 7-Eleven. Sorry, but it's true.

For more details on the property, check out its official listing here.