Florida man yells 'I voted for Trump' at black Starbucks barista


A Florida man, who was allegedly angry because his coffee was taking too long, was caught on video calling a Miami area Starbucks barista "trash," and also informing the entire coffee shop that he voted for President-elect Donald Trump.

Jorge de Cárdenas posted the video to his Twitter account Wednesday afternoon, stating “#trump supporter in #miami @Starbucks attacks & threatens patrons & staff bc coffee took too long, blames anti-white “discrimination.”

In the video the sweater-vested man can be heard asking for his money back and yelling, “You’re trash,” to the female barista. “Cause I voted for Trump. Trump. You lost, now give me my money back. You’re garbage. You’re complete trash.”

The video has since gone viral and Cárdenas has responded to criticism that the clip might be fake, stating: