Gov. Rick Scott proposes a 5 percent pay increase for law enforcement officers


  • Photo via Gov. Rick Scott/Twitter
Florida Governor Rick Scott proposed a 5 percent pay raise for nearly 4,000 Florida state law enforcement officers Thursday in Orlando.

“Since becoming Governor I have been to 32 funerals for fallen officers who died bravely in the line of duty protecting the communities we call home.” said Scott in a statement.

He continued, “Becoming a law enforcement officer is a special calling and one that requires a conscience choice each and every day to put your life on the line to protect our communities."

Scott recognized law enforcement's hard work throughout the year which included responding to the Pulse Nightclub shootings and two major hurricanes.

The pay raise would include sworn officers from the multiple state agencies such as The Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, and the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission just to name a few.

Scott's pay raise proposal does not include the Florida Department of corrections, which consists of more than 22,000 correctional officers who work in Florida prisons, according to the Tampa Bay Times.

According to the Times, correctional officers have received just one raise in the past decade.