Florida AG Pam Bondi, please accept my Instagram follow request


It's been a week now since I sent Florida attorney general Pam Bondi a follow request on her private Instagram account, and yet I'm still locked out.

What are you hiding in there, Pam?! Sandwiches? Sunsets? Golf outings with Donald Trump? Whatever it is, let me "heart" that shit.

Let me assure you, I am an engaging Insta follower. If you post a dog pic, I'll heart it. Weird cloud formation, considered it hearted. Wing of a plane, hearted. Anything food related, oh that's a guaranteed heart.  

Look, Pam, you have over 2,000 followers, so clearly this account isn't just for your closest friends and family. Surely, you have a few casual acquaintances on here. Why not me?

On your website, PamBondi.com, it states that we can follow you on either Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. So clearly at some point, regular joes like myself were allowed into this exclusive club. What's the deal?

As you know, you're term-limited from running again for attorney general in 2018, so why not let loose a little and accept my follow request? What's the worst that could happen?

Let me get to know the real PB before you leave office, or move to D.C. to work for Trump.

No rush. Take your time. I will continue to wait patiently.  Thank you for your consideration.