Florida woman arrested for sending death threats to Sandy Hook parent, calls massacre a 'hoax'


  • Photo via Wikipedida
The U.S. Department of Justice charged a Florida woman for threatening a parent of a child lost in the Sandy Hook massacre, because she believed it was all a hoax.

According to USA Today, 57-year-old Lucy Richards of Tampa, Florida, was charged Wednesday with four counts of transmitting threats, each count carrying a minimum of five years in prison. She is scheduled to appear in a Fort Lauderdale court on December 19.
Lucy Richards from an unrelated arrest in 1997 - PHOTO VIA CBS4 MIAMI
  • Photo via CBS4 Miami
  • Lucy Richards from an unrelated arrest in 1997

The mass shooting at Sandy Hook elementary occurred on December 14, 2012. Gunman Adam Lanza shot and killed 20 children and 6 adults that day. It was most definitely not a hoax.

Richards' terribly misinformed theories surrounding the incident aren't anything new. Over the last few years, "Sandy Hook Truthers," along with a plethora of fake news sites, have perpetuated the conspiracy theory, despite zero evidence.

Just last April, a professor at Florida Atlantic University was fired after harassing the parents of one of the deceased children. He later attempted to sue the university, stating his First Amendment rights were violated.