Someone painted a federally protected gopher tortoise, again


  • Photo via FWC
Because Floridians can't seem to help themselves from trolling wildlife, the Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission is again urging residents to please fight the impulse to paint gopher tortoises.

On Wednesday morning, the FWC reported that they successfully rescued yet another painted gopher tortoise, a federally protected species that is listed as threatened in the state of Florida.

The tortoise (pictured above) recovered and was eventually released back to its burrow with a "slight blue hue," says the FWC.

Painting turtles' shells can harm their ability to get the vitamins they need from the sun, cause respiratory problems and allows harmful toxins to enter their bloodstream.

This is the second time this year that the FWC has had to remind Floridians to stop painting turtles. Back in July, officials begged the public to stop the practice of using turtles as canvases.

In 2015, the FWC also had to ask the public to stop spray painting birds.