Alan Grayson files 'Nuclear Sanity Act' in response to Trump tweet


  • photo by Joey Roulette
Outgoing Florida congressman Alan Grayson filed a new bill Tuesday that would limit President-elect Donald Trump's ability to start a nuclear war.

"What part of the phrase ‘mutual-assured destruction’ does Trump not get?" Grayson asked in his press release. "In theory, if President Trump wakes up angry at Rosie O’Donnell one morning, Trump could nuke Ireland."

The "Nuclear Sanity Act," officially called HB 6535, would force Trump to seek approval from the Secretary of State and Defense before firing off a nuclear weapon.

The only exception would be if the U.S. is attacked first, and if it becomes impossible to reach either Secretary within 24 hours.

"We need to place someone or something between Donald Trump’s impulses and Armageddon,” says Grayson. "When it comes to demonstrating Trump’s recklessness, we don’t want the smoking gun to be a mushroom cloud. If any finger rests on the nuclear button, it shouldn’t be Trump’s extended middle one."
The new bill comes after Trump fired off an alarming tweet about his desire to “greatly strengthen and expand” the “nuclear capability.”