LSU takes on Louisville at Camping World Stadium for the Buffalo Wild Wings Citrus Bowl


We’re going into this year’s Citrus Bowl with some high-stakes questions: Will the absence of Leonard Fournette on the field leave LSU in ruins despite an otherwise impressive season? Will Lamar Jackson’s Heisman win go to his head, creating an unchecked whirlwind of ego on the field and dooming Louisville? And most importantly: When, exactly, will Orlando get the downtown Buffalo Wild Wings location its residents sorely deserve? Sure, fans could make the trip down to I-Drive to the nationally known eatery and bar’s closest location, but then they’d have to hold back on B-Dub’s amazing selections of bucket beers and choice cocktails. How does the NCAA expect downtown Orlando to truly enjoy the Citrus Bowl experience when the game’s very namesake is an exceedingly expensive Uber ride away? Of all the bars celebrating college football downtown on this very day, we’re not hearing from the one we hoped would text back. And that’s not right, Buffalo Wild Wings. We’re tired of making sacrifices for a Parmesan Garlic-encrusted flight of boneless fancy! There’s no Asian Z ing left in this relationship, so quit being a Caribbean Jerk and bring the Sweet BBQ to downtown. Come over to our place for once – and stay over. If you don’t, we can’t be held responsible for how many times we call you after digging into some Bourbon Honey Mustard. You knew we were full of Salt and Vinegar when you met us.

11 a.m. Saturday, Dec. 31 | Camping World Stadium, 1 Citrus Bowl Place | 407-440-5700 | | $60-$260