Sandwich Bar celebrates its sixth anniversary with a double-decker party


  • Photo via themilkdistrict/Instagram
Once upon a time, Sandwich Bar actually served sandwiches in the middle of the day. Now, however, it’s known for being one of the linchpins of the Milk District’s underground dance scene, routinely besting the downtown megaclubs as far as quality goes. For its sixth anniversary, they’re sandwiching in (get it?) two events to pay respect to their two favorite scenes: an early rock show – with Dikembe, Expert Timing, California Cousins, and Prince Daddy & the Hyena – and a late-night house and techno party DJ'd by owner Mathew Scot and friends. (Throw a $15 donation in at the late-night party and treat yourself to an open tab for the rest of the night!) Be on the lookout for big things from Sandwich Bar in 2017, as their new venture, Iron Cow, is slowly but surely squeezing through the permitting process with the city.

6:30 p.m. Friday; Sandwich Bar, 2432 E. Robinson St.; $5-$15 suggested donation;