Orlando comedian creates informative video explaining why 'I-4 to 408 sucks'


Orlando comedian and actor Rauce Padgett has a theory on why the interchange at I-4 and 408 "sucks."

Well, in short because he invented it. Not really, but his character in the video above did.

Presented by Document Life, the short film follows the so-called creative engineer of the I-4 to 408, which he claims took him about 35 minutes.

"When going from I-4 West to 408 West you have to cross over a lane. Now here's the kicker, that lane is filled with people from I-4 East going to 408 East. It doesn't work," said Padgett.
"People always ask me why I made it like that, because my uncle died of a heart clot. And I figured what better way to keep him in memory, then to have all of Orlando go through exactly what my uncle's heart did in the "heart" of Orlando."

Now you know.