Sample tons of secret recipes at the Orlando Coquito Masters Competition


  • Mattie Hagedorn
If you’ve never tasted the delicious nectar that is coquito, we feel sorry for you. (It’s sort of like eggnog, if eggnog put on a bikini and rollerbladed up and down South Beach until it got a date with Pitbull.) But there’s hope
for you yet: Attend the Orlando Coquito Masters Competition and you can taste as many as 20 different versions of the Puerto Rican beverage of the gods. Coquito is almost always based on coconut and rum, but from there it’s wide open: usually cinnamon and nutmeg, maybe egg yolks, maybe condensed milk, could be banana or coffee or amaretto – everyone has a secret special recipe, and they’re here to claim bragging rights. Expect a little bit of smack talk, a lot of begging for secret ingredients (which will go unsatisfied), and some very wobbly legs on the way out the door. We strongly suggest Uber or Lyft.

5:30-8:30 p.m. Saturday, Jan. 14 | Achiote Restaurant, 12325 S. Orange Blossom Trail | 407-219-4089 | | free