Mike Doughty and Wheatus bring nostalgic second act to the Social


Mike Doughty
  • Mike Doughty
The theme for this particular evening seems to be one of second acts. In the driver's seat, we have one Mike Doughty, best known as frontman for '90s alt-rock outliers Soul Coughing ("Super Bon Bon"), but now making it on his own in music and letters (having penned a memoir of the "hell" that was life in the Coughing called The Book of Drugs). Doughty is touring behind his new and expansive album The Heart Watches While the Brain Burns, written in tandem with hip-hop producer Good Goose. Riding shotgun with Doughty is NYC's Wheatus, best known for 2001 radio hit "Teenage Dirtbag." The band kept at it hard, long after the initial bloom fell off the "Dirtbag" rose, only to receive a most unexpected (and stratospheric, frankly) boost when One Direction took to covering "Teenage Dirtbag" every night on tour in 2013. This allowed them both the freedom to work on new material and a new lens through which to view a song that they were maaaaaaybe getting a little tired of. If you come out, you'll get some hits – SOME – but keep an open ear for new material. Surely they've earned that much.

with Wheatus | 7 p.m. Thursday, Jan. 19 | The Social, 54 N. Orange Ave. | 407-246-1419 | thesocial.org | $20