Florida woman claims her iPhone 6 burst into flames


  • Photo via Erik Waxler on Twitter
A Florida woman claims her iPhone is now a pile of melted plastic and shattered glass.

According to WFLA, Palm Harbor resident Amanda Bentz woke up early Tuesday morning, Jan. 31, to her iPhone 6 Plus shooting flames from her nightstand.

Bentz and her husband quickly suppressed the flames using a shirt, but not before the fire had singed her curtains, comforter and pillow, reports the station.

After being told about the incident, an Apple spokesman said that the company would look into the incident.

In the past, Apple has blamed battery on "external factors," like dropping it, stepping on it, using cheap non-Apple phone chargers, etc.

Bentz will be able to get a replacement phone, as long as she mails in the burnt one and allows Apple to place a $749 hold on her credit card until their investigation is complete.