This map shows where to find your closest medical marijuana doctor in Florida


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Even though Amendment 2 passed in November, the state's new cannabis cure system is far from completion.

But, at least you can find a medical marijuana-qualified physician near you for when that time comes.

Under Amendment 2, which went into effect Jan. 3, 2017, physicians must complete an eight-hour training course in order to become qualified to prescribe medical marijuana. The Florida Department of Health keeps a list of these doctors, which it updates every week.

To make it easier to find a doc near you, Leafly compiled a map of these local doctors and dispensaries.
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In order to obtain medical marijuana under the new amendment, patients need a recommendation from a certified physician and a patient ID card issued by the state.

The bad news is Florida hasn't started to issue the IDs yet.

According to the amendment, if nine months pass without the state issuing the IDs, just a recommendation letter from a qualified physician will be enough for a patient with a debilitating condition to get the drug.

Currently, a patient must have a 90-day relationship with a doctor, who has to certify that the patient meets the requirements for the use of marijuana.

Florida has seven licensed medical cannabis growing companies, located between Tallahassee and Miami.

Now that the amendment has been passed, the Florida Department of Health will have to implement it within six months.