Orlando Cringe's Valentine's edition celebrates the awkwardness of young love


If there's one thing you can go your entire life without reopening, it's probably your all-knowing childhood diary. You know, the place where you would write down all your most intimate thoughts about whether or not your crush likes you back, or that really awkward moment in class. Those deep, dark secrets that most people would like to hide forever are back to be read out loud in a room full of strangers. It sounds like either a hysterical comedy act or someone's worst nightmare, but four brave souls have decided to step up and read their diaries in front of an audience for Orlando Cringe. Along with these personal readings, the show includes a "Newlywed Game," in which couples win prizes by answering questions about each other and completing physical challenges. So grab your partner and embrace schadenfreude; this is a date night you won't forget.

7 p.m. Wednesday, Feb. 8 | The Abbey, 101 S. Eola Drive | facebook.com/orlandocringe | $15