Florida woman receives gift card after being locked inside a CVS



A local woman scored a $100 gift card after being inadvertently locked inside of a Florida CVS, arguably everyone's worst nightmare realized.

On Monday at around 9 p.m., Christian Hathaway noticed the metal security doors going down at a CVS in St. Cloud, Florida. "I dropped all my stuff at the counter and ran running towards the door. I noticed the big steel door was coming down," said Hathaway to Fox 35. "There was probably three inches left, and I just started banging and screaming, 'Hello!'"

I was like, 'They couldn't have really locked me inside this building. There's gotta be someone inside the store.' But then I started yelling around the store and no one answered."

Hathaway was then forced to call the police. Here's the 911 call obtained by Fox 35:

Dispatcher: "911 What's your emergency?"
Caller: "I just have a question. I was in the CVS, and I think they just locked me in the building."
Dispatcher: "Ok is anyone inside the building beside yourself?"
Caller: "No, I started screaming, 'Hello! is anyone in here? Hello?' And no one is in this building, but the alarm is going off." Dispatcher: "Ok an officer will be dispatched as soon as possible."
An officer did eventually show up, but was unable to open the security door. About 45 minutes later, the store manager arrived at the scene and let Hathaway out, reports Fox 35.

Either Hathaway never heard the loudspeaker announcement that the store was closing, or it never happened. Nevertheless, CVS has since apologized for the mixup and has issued Hathaway a $100 gift card.

A similar situation happened in 2015, when an Orlando man strolled out of a sauna at Planet Fitness, only to realize he was alone and locked inside.