TMD's Combination 5 dance night is this Friday at Spacebar


  • Photo via the Vinyl Warhol
  • Alexia Clarke
The fifth installment of TMD’s Combination series expands outward their already impressive curatorial chops; selecting DJs, electronic acts and artists to create a carefully constructed and immersive visual/sonic environment, instead of just another leaden night at the club, any club. Two out-of-towners are paired with two locals and a visual artist sets a complementary mood. This time around, DJ Deviantart Heaux and DJ lunches of punches play creative foils to the shimmering minimal grooves of Miami’s DJ whatever and DJ club 1235. Brian B. of Time Waste Management is tasked with interactive lighting.

The event will be hosted by Alexia Clarke of one of our favorite local zines, Phosphene Girl. She explained her role in the night to us thusly: “As a woman of color it's been an amazing experience to go to an event that I not only feel safe at, but overly welcomed. At this specific TMD event, I am transforming myself from being a bystander in the midst of the crowd to being front and center. While also incorporating the beauty of art and literature from works by myself and Alana Questell, we aim to make TMD Combo 5 an unforgettable night of diversity, culture, and music.” All proceeds go to Planned Parenthood.

TMD Presents Combination 5 at 9:30 p.m on Friday, Feb. 17 at Spacebar.