Osprey Tavern and Bowmore scotch team up for an oyster luge on Saturday


Photo via Huffington Post
If you got excited hearing the words “oyster luge” and pictured yourself puckering up to a chute carved out of ice to knock back a steady stream of raw, briny bivalves, we have bad news. It turns out that an oyster luge has little to do with the Jägermeister luge you swore you’d never try but did anyway (and loved!). Bowmore’s luge is more like those lime-salt-tequila shots that approximate a margarita. Only this shot is out of an oyster shell and involves single malt scotch. Now we’re talking. The price includes samples of five different scotches from Bowmore – including an out-of-your-price-range 25-year – oysters, charcuterie and cheese. Reservations required.

5-7 p.m. Saturday; The Osprey Tavern, 4899 New Broad St.; $42; 407-960-7700; ospreytavern.com