Cool, now Sweden is dissing Orlando thanks to Trump's 'last night' comment


  • Photo by Monivette Cordeiro
Many were taken aback by the President's "last night in Sweden" remark at his Florida rally on Saturday.

“You look at what’s happening last night in Sweden. Sweden, who would believe this?” said Donald Trump at a rally in Melbourne attended by "9,000 boisterous people" (and us).

What could Donald Trump have been referring to, we wondered? Herring and crispbread overdoses? Widespread occurrences of collapsing BILLY bookshelves? Was that girl with the dragon tattoo making a ruckus? Rubbish-bin madness in the streets?

Sweden was understandably perturbed by this oddly ungrounded aspersion, with former Prime Minister Carl Bildt going so far as to tweet: "Last year, there were approximately 50 percent more murders only on Orlando/Orange in Florida, where Trump spoke."
(With respect, Trump's rally was in Melbourne, in Brevard County, not here in Orlando nor in Orange County, Florida – so we feel a bit sideswiped. But we get it, Bildt's irked.)

On Sunday, Trump "clarified" that his comments were based on comments he heard made on a Fox News show.
Many were stunned that the leader of the free world was making speeches that referenced unconfirmed stray comments made by a filmmaker on a talk show.

But this morning, he doubled down with this:
Extra cool to see our prez using Wayne's World-isms, but we may be beyond caring at this point? (Not!)

The Swedish shade continues with this last shot fired by Bildt:

Good advice.