Savage UCF student grades ex-girlfriend's apology letter


  • Photo via Nick Lutz on Twitter
One University of Central Florida student decided to go old school, literally, to get back at his ex-girlfriend. Nick Lutz received an apology letter from his ex-girlfriend, and decided to pick up a red pen and grade her sad words.

Lutz, whose Facebook page says he's a Business Marketing major and now single, slashed through misspellings, took off points for missing details and even underlined messy handwriting.

From the letter, it looks like Lutz suspected his girlfriend, Elizabeth, was cheating on him. Though she denies this in her essay letter, he underlines her statements, citing there isn't enough evidence to support that hypothesis.

After marking up the four-page paper, Lutz graces Elizabeth with a 61 percent, a D-minus.

We're guessing Elizabeth has moved on to find a boy who isn't so picky about spelling and punctuation.

You can read the whole thing on his Twitter