There will be a pro-Trump rally at Lake Eola this weekend


  • Photo by Monivette Cordeiro
Donald Trump supporters are sick and tired of the country bashing our part-time golfer president, so this weekend they're taking to the streets of Orlando to celebrate "the spirit of America."

This Saturday, March 4, the Main Street Patriots organization is hosting a series of "Spirit of America Rallies" across the country, with one such event happening at Lake Eola Park in Orlando.

The rally, which is about "right or wrong," not "left or right," will take place at noon and will coincide with over 50 similar events in other states.

The Main Street Patriots planned the rally events to show support for President Trump’s “Contract With the American Voter," which it says will be the only issue discussed at the rallies.

It also says that this group of "grassroot activists" aren't like groups protesting Trump's vision of America. These protesters are instead a "diverse coalition that are the heart and soul of America that wants our nation to fulfill our potential, as the greatest nation on God’s green earth."

Those who disagree with Trump's policies have planned a counter-protest to the group which will also take place at Lake Eola Park at noon.

On its Facebook page, "Orlando Isn't Trump Country" organizers say that the Republican party's anti-immigrant, anti-refugee, anti-accessible healthcare, and anti-LGBT policies hit the Central Florida region hard. It states that "Orlando knows that these divisive ideas do not represent the spirit of America."