Universal's new Fallon attraction has a moving tribute to the late Bill Paxton


  • Photo via Braedon_Godin | Twitter

Universal Studios Florida recently unveiled the brand-new Race Through New York Starring Jimmy Fallon ride in soft openings late last week.

While it’s already clear that the ride has been more or less a flop, other aspects of the attraction have received nearly unanimous positive reviews. The queues and gift shop have tons of references to various Tonight Show gags and important moments from the history of the show.

Race Through New York replaces the old Twister attraction, which had a cult-like following causing some to go so far as to drop hundreds of dollars just to purchase a piece of the closed attraction. One of the most iconic parts of the Twister...Ride It Out attraction was the pre-show with Bill Paxton and Helen Hunt. It was in this pre-show that Bill Paxton, wearing a blue button-up shirt, uttered the famed "finger of God" words that so many theme park fans quote to this day.

With the new attraction gutting any reference to Twister inside, Universal has used a window display to honor the former attraction. The window display has references to the history of NBC dating back to its 1920s radio days when NBC was the first national radio network in the United States. Included are several Twister references including a Twister Cola ad and, in honor of the late Bill Paxton, a blue shirt hanging in the corner.

If the shirt isn’t enough to convince you that this is, in fact, a tribute to Bill Paxton, a stapler with the label "B. Paxton" on the desk confirms it.

There’s no word on how permanent the window display is, but for now we have a lovely tribute to one of the great actors who helped create one of the most memorable pre-shows in theme park history.