Trump's Mar-a-Lago helipad is finally finished, which will help him get to the golfing faster


  • Photo via Steve Jurvetson/Flickr
Now that construction on his helipad is complete, President Donald Trump can finally land his Marine One helicopter at Mar-a-Lago, where he'll be again this weekend for the fifth time since his inauguration.

The new helipad will allow Trump to fly Marine One from the Palm Beach International Airport to his "Winter White House" without his motorcade jamming up traffic.

However, using the helicopter pad does not mean the Secret Service will stop shutting down all roads surrounding Mar-a-Lago and the Southern Boulevard Bridge while Marine One is in the air.

According to the Palm Beach Post, the project architect, Rick Gonzalez, confirmed that the helipad was indeed finished this week, but says he doesn't know if Trump will use it this weekend.