UCF student jumps into shark-filled pool for some reason



Y'all gotta stop jumping in shark tanks (but if you do, send the videos to instagram@totalfratmove.com)

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A University of Central Florida student thought it might be fun to take a dip with a few toothy friends, and, of course,  it only took moments for him to regret that decision.

Inside Edition reports that Michael Lay, a sophomore at UCF, spent spring break at the Atlantis Paradise Island Resort in the Bahamas, where his friends dared him to jump into a shark-infested pool.

It appears Lay jumped into the Predator Lagoon at the Atlantis resort, a habitat filled with great hammerhead sharks, Caribbean reef sharks, barracuda and smalltooth sawfish. Usually, the only people who swim in the pool are guests outfitted with special diving equipment.

With friends recording the jump, Lay plunged into the top of the tank where between 25 and 30 sharks swam. Eventually, he got the attention of one of the sharks and it started coming for Lay.

With his friends shouting to get out, Lay pulled himself out of the pool, narrowly avoiding the shark. Lay wasn't hurt.

Will McCloskey, Lay's friend, told Inside Edition he would have paid Lay $1,000 to jump into the pool, but Lay said he would do it for free.

McCloskey says he has not heard from the hotel and so far, the students haven't received any repercussions.