Watch this Florida trapper wrestle a gator from a storm drain



Like pulling a scaly, sharp-toothed rabbit from a hat, a Florida trapper wrestled a slithery alligator from a storm drain on Monday after the reptile reportedly got stuck.

John Ruel caught the whole thing on video and posted it to his Facebook page, saying, "Not something you see everyday in the neighborhood! He's about [nine feet] and the trapper said he would not be euthanized." The neighborhood where the gator was caught is in Oldsmar, a small city in Pinellas County.

Ruel told WFTS Tampa Bay that the reptile got stuck in the street-level drain as it tried to get out of the sewer. The trapper pushed the gator back in the drain and then pulled it through the manhole.

Hey, at least you know now where the hissing is coming from during your morning jog.