Podcast heroes Tom & Dan take over Hard Rock Live for a live show


BDMS rejoice! No longer satisfied with the shadowy depths of their Baldwin Park studio, Tom and Dan emerge into the light – oh, the horrible light! – this Saturday at Hard Rock Live. Fans can finally view the podcasters in their true form without all of the special effects and Hollywood glitz they typically use to camouflage their wolfish features and guttural intonations. For a pittance of $5, devotees can see with their own eyes why Tom and Dan’s physical appearance has been shrouded in mystery for so many moons. If the congregation is large enough, perhaps it will add to the improvisational powers of the podcasters and form a whirling cloud of debauchery strong enough to shatter the ancient goblin’s curse, replacing Tom and Dan’s current terrifying facades with their original fatherly suburban features and allowing them to return to their families and former lives as claims adjusters. But until the Eve of Reckoning at the Hard Rock
Live, Tom and Dan remain captives in their appalling corporeal
prisons, consuming dangerous amounts of White Claw seltzer
simply to get through each agonizing day. There's also two guys doing standup.

with Matt Fernandez, Will Blaylock | 8 p.m. Saturday, April 1 | Hard Rock Live, 6050 Universal Blvd. | 407-351-5483 | hardrock.com/orlando | $5