Study suggests Florida drivers need to put down their damn phones


  • Photo via morris.gsr750/Instagram
When it comes to distracted driving, Florida ranks second in the country according to a recent study, which clearly suggests you all need to put down your damn phones.

The study, which was conducted by the online insurance company Everquote, compiled data through a motion-sensing app to detect speeding, quick acceleration, hard braking, and other bad driving traits while the phone was in use.

After compiling nearly 230 million miles of data, Everquote was able to say that only Louisiana has more idiots with their phones out than Florida.

Last year there were more than 6,000 crashes in Orange County that involved a distracted driver, which is pretty unfortunate considering we live in a state where cops can't pull you over for staring at your phone while driving a combustible death machine.

Be safe out there, folks.