State senator Frank Artiles has resigned


  • Photo via Florida House
State Sen. Frank Artiles, a Miami Republican who thinks it's OK for white people to say "niggas," resigned Friday morning.

Artiles' resignation comes after the Miami Herald reported that he berated Sen. Audrey Gibson, a black Democrat, calling her "girl," a "bitch," and a "fucking asshole." He also used the N-word when referring to Republican senators who backed Senate President Joe Negron, but later clarified that he said "niggas." Like that makes it cool.

Artiles, a man who once filed an awful transgender bathroom bill, publicly apologized last Wednesday, stating, "With regard to the word which I used toward no one in particular, but is rightfully the most inflammatory, I know my explanation is inadequate but it is sincere. I grew up in a diverse community. We share each other's customs, cultures and vernacular. I realize that my position does not allow me for the looseness of words or slang, regardless of how benign my intentions were."

According to the Orlando Sentinel, Sen. Bill Galvano confirmed Artiles had submitted his resignation.