American Pie Council lets you get a piece of the pie at the National Pie Championships


  • Chloe Benko-Prieur
Certain rivalries are never truly settled: Star Wars vs. Star Trek, nature vs. nurture, good vs. evil and, of course, cake vs. pie. Arguments pitting flaky crusts against buttercream have ruined at least two birthday parties we know of and sparked friendship-destroying barguments. We can't fault the passion behind the fury: Too many office birthday parties and PTA meetings have been tainted by mediocre grocery store sheet cakes, while novice attempts at pie crusts leave a soggy mess on our plates and in our hearts. But this week, Team Pie reigns supreme at the American Pie Council National Pie Championships. Sweet and savory pastries compete in Amateur, Professional and Commercial divisions, with "Best in Show" awards for pies that really take the ... well, you know. Set dessert disputes aside for a weekend and spend some time with a slice of Key lime – it's for the good of the world, or at least for the good of our tastebuds.

9:30 a.m. Friday-Saturday | Rosen Centre, 9840 International Drive | 407-996-9840 | | free