Orlando will host FIFA World Cup Qualifier match this fall


  • Photo via ussoccer/Instagram
The City Beautiful, currently brimming with purple footy pride, was just awarded perhaps the most pivotal soccer match the men's U.S. National team is likely to participate in this year.

The match will be held Oct. 6, when U.S. takes on Panama at the Orlando City Stadium for the qualifying round of the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia.
  • photo via ussoccer/Instagram
This will be the second time since 1980 that a World Cup qualifying match will be held in Orlando, and it is the first time the U.S. National team has played in Orlando since 1998, when they sunk Sweden in a friendly with a 1-0 victory.

The U.S. currently sits in fourth place with 4 points from their four games in the North/Central America and Caribbean bracket. Their October opponents, Panama, currently sit one spot ahead of them in third place with 5 points.

It has been a less-than-desirable run during this short-lived qualifying stage for the Men's National Soccer Team. They've lost twice, and tied and won only once. The 1-1 tie came during their previous match, which, ironically enough, was against Panama on March 28.
  • photo via FIFA/Homepage
Regardless, there are still six games to be played by each team in the 10-game round, so the standings will likely shift drastically between now and "Matchday 9" in October.

Tickets are not yet available yet but thanks to vast public interest, a balanced lottery system is expected to be used to apply for tickets.

An online application will be filled out by those interested in buying, and each household can apply for a maximum of four tickets. Applicants will be chosen at random and will have their accounts charged following their selection by the lottery computer that randomly selects applications.

Those who become members of U.S. Soccer before June 1 will be offered tickets before the rest of the general public. Circle members of the U.S. Soccer Development Fund will receive Group A Priority Access to the lottery process.