Brooklyn indie pop band Crumb stops into the Henao Center to show off their eclectic style


  • Haoyan of America
The album art to Crumb’s self-titled and self-released (August 2016) EP suggests an interminable sea of pink slime and polluted aquatic dreams. Photographs of the band on their website are similarly syncretic, a mélange of insouciance found on city-apartment couches, in verdant backyards, and during live performances in dimly lit venues. Three minutes into the EP, a bricolage of psychedelic rock sounds and jazz notes delicately surprises the aural senses. Unsurprisingly, the band was born out of collegiate friendship – Lila Ramani (guitar and vocals), Jesse Brotter (bass), Brian Aronow (synth/keys and saxophone) and Jonathan Gilad (drums) pair lugubrious lyrics and undertones with tunes that make you want to dance, or at least nod your head. Crumb play the Henao Center with tourmates and jangle-pop specialists Lance Bangs (not the filmmaker) and locals Room Thirteen and the Welzeins.

with Lance Bangs, the Welzeins, Room Thirteen | 8 p.m. Thursday, June 1 | Henao Contemporary Center, 5801 Edgewater Drive | | $5