National Donut Day is Friday, here's how to plan your free-donut route in Orlando


  • Image courtesy The Donut King
Forget your overnight oats at home on Friday and treat yourself to a couple of fried-dough pastries stuffed with jelly or custard instead. June 2 is National Donut Day, which has been celebrated on the first Friday in June since 1917. That makes this year the 100th anniversary of the made-up holiday.

To commemorate the donut's place in our social structure as office treat and guilty pleasure, some national chains are offering free iced dough rings to customers. Here's where to get yours.

Krispy Kreme
Whatever donut you want, it's yours. No purchase necessary, but we suggest a cup of dark roast for ultimate dunking.
Locations in Winter Park and Millenia.

Dunkin Donuts
Get a free "classic" donut with purchase of a beverage, which is NBD since Dunkin's coffee is dope.
Find your nearest location here.

Any donut is yours with purchase of a specialty beverage from the drinks counter.
There's literally a Wawa everywhere.

The Donut King
A free glazed donut is their gift to you on National Donut Day. No purchase necessary. You'll also want one of those glazed red velvet ones, too.
3716 Howell Branch Court, Winter Park, 321-316-4817,