After public input, Flagler County Sheriff's Office didn't name their new K-9 'Doggy McDogface'


  • Photo by Facebook/Flagler County Sheriff's Office
Last night, Flagler County Sheriff's Office wrapped up public voting to name their new K-9, and for some reason they didn't go with "Doggy McDogface."

Nearly 2,000 submissions were turned in to the Flagler County Sheriff's Office through email, social media and SurveyMonkey over a five-day period.

The 14-month-old Belgian Malinois/shepherd mix canine deputy will now be known as "Valor."

While Valor is a decent name for a dog, it pales in comparison to proud names like "Tool of the Oppressor" or "Charles Barkley."

Here are some of the better, and considerably worse, name submissions that this sweet dog could have been stuck with:

-Hand Banana
-Joe Friday
-Buford Aloysius
-Scooby Doobie
-Doggy McDogface
-Bitey McBiteface
-Fast Eagle
-Tool of the Oppressor
-Charles Barkley
-Narco Polo
-Mr. Spaghetti
-Dr. Borkenstein

The deputy and his human partner will attend a 480-hour FDLE team canine training course before he begins to assist with patrols and narcotics detection.