Baldwin Park is finally getting its own hotel


  • Photo via Google
Baldwin Park has seen plenty of action recently, with new apartments and restaurants popping up all over the New Urbanist-planned community just northeast of downtown Orlando.

Just over a month ago we shared details on seven new bars and restaurants coming to the Truman Show community.

Now the Orlando Business Journal is reporting that a new hotel will join the commercial lineup in Baldwin Park. The hotel will go up on one of the last remaining undeveloped commercial lots in the community.

Early on Baldwin Park struggled to bring success to the "village center" commercial district, which urban designers separated from nearby commercial areas with large swaths of residential areas. The village center sat for years with entire blocks undeveloped, many of which now have new apartment and condo complexes.

This isn’t the only hotel going into the area. Less than a mile away, Fashion Square Mall has plans for their own hotel, though those plans are less than a sure thing as the struggling mall sees many of their projects either put on hold or changed. A third hotel is also being planned for the Orlando Executive Airport, but that hotel, which has been in the works since 2009, will mostly be used for a corporate training center nearby.

The Orlando area is in the midst of a major hotel expansion, with thousands of rooms planned to open in the coming years and nine hotels opening this year alone.