UCF suspends student who graded ex-girlfriend's apology letter


The University of Central Florida has suspended Nick Lutz, a business marketing major, who, back in February, savagely graded his ex-girlfriend's apology letter and then posted it on Twitter.

Essentially, Lutz marked up the letter with a red pen and gave her a D-minus. The tweet has since gone viral, and has been retweeted more than 121,000 times.

Now, six months later, UCF has decided to suspend Lutz for two semesters and place him on probation for violating the school's code of conduct, reports WFTV.

Lutz and his lawyer are appealing the school's decision, claiming that his First Amendment rights have been violated.

According to WFTV, his ex-girlfriend, who does not attend UCF, filed a cyber-bullying suit with the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office. The claim has yet to be pursued.