Familiar faces return to Orlando when Phoenix's Kolezanka stops in to play at the Henao Center


Somewhat incongruously hailing from Phoenix, Arizona, Kristina Moore’s project Kolezanka whips up an icy tectonic groove that revels in funereal pacing and melancholic wonderment with plenty in common with Molly Nilsson, Tropic of Cancer, Cocteau Twins and Trembling Blue Stars. Too shimmering with aurora borealis colors to be fully goth and too choral and contemplative to fall into the realm of dance music, Kolezanka – the trio of Moore alongside comrades Winter and Ark Calkins (!) – are taking their just-released debut album Vessel on the road and their live show promises to be just as dreamy as these recordings. Kolezanka will be joined by local spellcasters Tiger Fawn and Harsh Radish. Winter is here.

with Tiger Fawn, Harsh Radish | 9 p.m. Tuesday, July 25 | Henao Contemporary Center, 5601 Edgewater Drive | henaocenter.com | $5