UCF Police release intense video on how to survive an active-shooter scenario


In an effort to create an informed student body, the UCF Police Department released a video explaining what to do in the case of an active-shooter situation.

The video, which was released Wednesday, July 26, starts with a man pulling out a long gun in a school building. Sgt. Adam Casebolt explains that people's first responses should be to run and call 911 to get police on the scene. If that's not an option, hiding is the next best action, and fighting back should only be used as a last resort. The video shows student actors' responses and police evacuating the building.

UCF has also created a webpage about active-shooter scenarios, and they now offer an hourlong class called "Shots Fired."

According to UCF PD spokeswoman Courtney Gilmartin, the university wanted to address the topic of active-shooter situations in the aftermath of tragedies occurring at national and international levels.