The former cop who punched a Florida valet has finally been charged


More than a week later, a former cop from New Smyrna Beach has finally been charged after a video showed him sucker-punching a valet at a South Florida resort.

According to WTVJ, John Kiernan was charged with misdemeanor battery for punching valet attendant Rudolph Rodriguez at Ocean Sky Hotel & Resort in Fort Lauderdale over an $18 valet ticket.

"Even though they took a week we are very gratified and took the time, they realized the severity of what happened here and chose to charge this person with that crime," said Rudolph's attorney, David Kubiliun.

The video shows Kiernan speaking with Rodriguez, who can be seen putting his hands in his pockets before getting knocked out.

Kiernan, who was a former SWAT officer in Georgia, told WTVJ that Rodriguez was disrespectful to him and his wife in front of his kids and he wanted to fight.

"He punched my face and I don't remember nothing," said Rodriguez to the station. "He punched me for no reason."