UCF alumni and Middle Eastern hip-hop artist Qusai returns to Orlando


Qusai Kheder, aka Don Legend the Kamelion, a UCF alumni and a Middle East hip-hop artist, will return to Orlando to perform a free show.

In 1994, Kheder came to the United States seeking creative freedom, already the first person to ever record a rap song in Saudi Arabia.

Kheder lived in Orlando for 10 years, attending UCF and working with rappers including Ludacris, Akon and Karl Wolf.

His release of "Jeddah (My Hometown City)" in 2004 garnered a following in Saudi Arabia, prompting his return to the country, where his message of peace and love through music and his ability to seamlessly blend English and Arabic in his lyrics further cemented his popularity.

In addition to hosting MTV Arabia's Hip HopNa and MBC's Arabs Got Talent, Kheder went on to release four albums in Saudi Arabia, each of which have topped the charts there, and has had two singles which have reached No. 1 on the Wanasah's (a Middle Eastern MTV equivalent) Top 10 list.

Qusai plays the House of Blues 7 p.m. Thursday, Aug. 17.