NRA-backed Florida senator Greg Steube can't stop himself from filing idiotic gun bills


  • Photo via Greg Steube/Facebook
Senate Judiciary Chairman and fully loaded NRA word dispenser Greg Steube recently filed two more gun bills, something that he appears to be pre-programmed to do every session.

Today, the Sarasota Republican filed SB 134, a considerably less controversial bill revived from last session that would allow people with concealed-weapons licenses to store firearms with security officers at courthouses. It's an incredibly asinine bill that Steube argues is very necessary because attorneys should be packing heat while walking to and from their car to the court house.

Also, on Wednesday, Aug. 9, Steube filed SB 120, which would allow private businesses to be held liable if they ban concealed-weapons license holders from bringing guns onto their property and the license holder is injured by a person or animal.

So, let's put this into context. If you're eating a snack-sized portion of zesty garlic drumsticks at a Buffalo Wild Wings (which doesn't allow firearms on their premises) and you're trampled by a buffalo because you had to leave your pistol at home, you'd be able to sue.

Both of these bills will be Steube's second attempt at getting these issues past the Senate. Remember, this is the same Steube that pushed a comprehensive gun bill last session (SB 140), which failed to pass the Senate, but would've allowed open carrying of handguns by the state’s 1.7 million concealed weapons permit-holders. The bill also would've allowed guns on public college and university campuses, airport passenger terminals, and other public places.

Steube recently told the Tampa Bay Times that this year he will be breaking up all of his gun bills and trying to push them all through one at a time, rather than wadding them all into one big terrible piece of legislation.

"Instead of looking at it as a huge comprehensive bill, we're going to try to do it piecemeal," said Steube to the Times. "I've been at this for now seven years, and sometimes it's beneficial to put everything in one bill and kind of attack it, and if there's issues, amend things out — and sometimes it's easier to do it piece by piece."

Unfortunately, there is no limit on how many bills a senator can file, so we may just be seeing the tip of Steube's big batch of awful gun bills.