A Florida neighborhood is now testing autonomous security robots


  • Photo via Knightscope/Twitter
Because we truly are living in a dystopian future, a Silicon Valley firm is now testing autonomous security robots in Florida.

According to WTSP, the tech company Knightscope has partnered with the Pasco County Sheriff's Office and the Metro Development Group to test one of their 400-pound, 6-foot-tall K5 security robots in Union Park for a trial period.

Basically the robot can't apprehend anyone, but it acts like a security Roomba: recording audio and video, scanning license plates, and also identifying smartphones' IP addresses. 

"We feel like this is one of the best ways to fight crime. Just to detour misconduct. Just with his presence alone I feel like we are making a statement," said Metro Development Group representative Jen Austin to WTSP. 

If this robot looks familiar, it's because it is indeed the same model that committed suicide in a Washington fountain last July.
This is also the same company referenced in this unfortunate tweet: