Airbnb is building its own apartment complex in Kissimmee


  • Photo via Airbnb
Airbnb is hoping a new c0-branded apartment complex in Kissimmee, Florida, will bridge the gap between rent-paying locals and tourists.

It's no secret that traditional apartment complexes and landlords have often been at odds with the home-sharing company, since travelers aren't on the lease and they often come with unwanted noise and foot traffic. One apartment company even went so far as suing Airbnb for not removing units from its site.

So, naturally, Airnbnb has decided to just make their own residential buildings designed to be friendly to both tenants and travelers. The project is called "Niido Powered By Airbnb."

Residents who sign a yearlong lease with the Niido will be allowed to rent out their place for up to 180 nights a year on Airbnb. If they stay with the guest, which is called a "hosted stay," there is no limit.

Of course, Niido takes a cut of your Airbnb earnings but also provides extra services to renters and travelers, like keyless entry and something called a "MasterHost," who can be called via an app to assist with anything that comes up during a stay. The complex also offers cleaning services for a cost.

According to CNBC, the 324-unit apartment complex in Kissimmee will be the first apartment building to open under the Airbnb brand. However, the project is overseen by Miami-based Newgard Development group, who will retain 100 percent ownership of the complex.

While no exact date or location has been announced, Niido says they plan to open the complex sometime in the first quarter of 2018.