Artist Brandon Geurts returns to town with a new show and a new palette


  • Brandon Geurts
It’s been a slow-moving delight for us to observe Brandon Geurts’ artwork evolving in the past few years – but, with his removal to Tampa while he earns his MFA, we haven’t seen nearly enough of him on walls around town. That changes this week, when Gallery Eola presents Geurts’ solo show, called Whose Mouth Should I Use to Talk? We asked Geurts how he might describe that evolution, and he said: “I think my work’s become more claustrophobic and anxious? It’s certainly way less ‘metal’ than it used to be … the influences/ideas that inform my work have become more mature and multifaceted.” His earlier pieces had a dark, hidden quality (that, yes, appealed to metal fans – Geurts designed a cover for Black Sabbath’s 2014 Record Store Day release), but that horror has turned itself inside out in the past year. Rather than being suspended in caverns of darkness, now his figures emerge from a screaming candy-colored neon swirl, distorted in poses that owe equally to Francis Bacon and classic body-horror cinema.

7 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 19 | through Nov. 9 | Gallery Eola, 818 E. Washington St. | 407-793-6982 | | free